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Professional Pressure Cleaning and Hot Water cleaning in the upstate region

Protect your home's Curb appeal & value


 Our mission is to help you keep your largest investment looking new and clean!  Constant exposure to elements such as dirt, grime, algae, mold & mildew make your property look old and worn out and diminish it's value over time.  We provide a full range of professional exterior services to make your residential property look fresh, clean and new again!

  • Soft Wash (low pressure) House Washing - Safe and effective cleaning method for all types of home siding (vinyl, brick, wood, stucco, aluminum, and more).......Learn More
  • Soft Wash (low pressure) Roof Cleaning Safe and effective cleaning method removes ugly roof stains & streaks... Learn More
  • Deck Restoration (Cleaning & Sealing) Restore your porch,wood deck, fence, or gazebo! ... Learn More
  • Gutter Cleaning & Brightening Clean out of leaves & debris. Exterior streaks can be removed as well! ...Learn More..
  • Concrete Cleaning Driveways, sidewalks, patios, porches, pool decks we clean them all!..Learn More

Safe & Effective Soft Wash Roof Cleaning


The importance of Roof cleaning in proper home maintenance

Your home’s roof plays an integral role in both its curb appeal and structural integrity.  A stained and dirty roof not only looks bad, but buildup of mold, pine needles, or leaves can damage your roof and cause leaks. The upper region of South Carolina is a perfect breeding ground for mold and many roofs in this area are plagued by unsightly dark streaks caused by bacteria (algae) known as gloecapsa.  This growth is found on on many if not most homes in this area and experts agree that left unremoved will deteriorate shingles and shorten the life expectancy of your roof.  

A common mistake among homeowners in this region is to believe that the dark streaks, typically seen on the north or shaded part of a roof are normal wear & tear and replace their roof prematurely, sometimes as often as every 5-10 years. Industry experts agree that making Proper Roof cleaning  a regular part of your exterior home maintenance will allow homeowners to maximize their shingle life for up to 20 to 25 years, saving them thousands over the cost of a new roof.

Only hire a qualified professional

When the time comes to have your roof cleaned, it is essential to hire a trusted and reputable roof cleaning company.  Many homeowners and poorly trained professionals will utilize excessive pressure to clean or rinse a roof, believing that any action that removes the debris is suitable.  While it is extremely important to wash away debris and algae, you should never allow anyone who utilizes exorbitant pressure clean your roof as they are likely to damage the shingles.

UpState's individualized Roof Cleaning technique

Washing a roof is different than standard pressure washing. It’s important to kill all of the organic material on a roof because in many cases there could be a chemical reaction going on. Certain forms of algae – for example – actually eat away at shingles and pollute the air that your family breathes. Our soft roof washing process is eco-friendly, inexpensive and safe for your roof.  To ensure we can properly serve all property owners well we offer:

  • Low-pressure antibacterial softwash roof cleaning  is the main process we use as it is much more efficient at safely cleaning your roof and is ideal for any type of roof. Our advanced powerwash machine allows us to select the optimal balance of pressure and water temperature as well as the appropriate nozzle for the job.  This resource along with the help of our specialized bio- degradable cleaners, soft brush scrubs and final steps that include double wash with purified rinse water allow us to safely plow through the dirt and grime faster without risk to your shingles.  

  • High-pressure Roof Cleaning  For harder surfaces like concrete and steel we utilize a higher pressure method.  Our powerwash machine is state of the art and is designed for use on all types of surfaces. The basic building blocks of power within a pressure washer are PSI (pounds per square inch) and GPM (gallons per minute). Together, they create horsepower. Cleaning power therefore is a function of both volume and pressure   Our immense ability to control the pressure, power and cleaners makes Upstate your ideal choice for any roof. ...Learn more about the UpState Difference...

Exterior Pressure Washing and Soft Home Washing

For All Types of Siding

Professional pressure washing is the quickest way to freshen up your home’s exterior and prolong the life of your siding.  While each situation is different, most homes can benefit from a thorough pressure washing once every 1-2 years. Your home’s exterior is its first protection against weather and other harsh elements and as time passes it’s typical for wear, discoloration, or even mold and mildew (often from plants that grow against your home) to appear on almost all siding types.  Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking their home needs a costly fresh coat of paint when a proper cleaning may be all that it needs to give it new life!

In the same way that we evaluate a roof before any type of pressure washing begins, we will assist in determining what type of siding you have and how to best clean it. Some of the more common types of house siding include stucco, vinyl, metal, and wood.


Stucco Siding is prone to unattractive discoloration and staining and can be tricky to wash correctly without damaging the surface.  At Upstate we understand the importance of selecting the proper pressure, nozzle type, water temperature and technique to safely brighten and seal with our unparalleled Thermoreactive Sealer.

Wood siding also requires thorough analysis from a professional.  When the paint is good, debris can be safely removed.  In the event that a new paint job is in order pressure washing is an excellent way to remove old paint and cleanse the surface before a new coat is applied.  In all situations the grain of wood siding can become deeply embedded with mold, dirt and algae that must be removed in order to protect the integrity of the surface as well as the air your family breathes.  



Pressure washing vinyl and metal siding prevents the build-up of debris, dirt, dust, pollens, sap and more. Oxidation from constant exposure to the sun can also make this type of siding appear faded and washed out. UpState's soft-wash technique can clear up all of these common problems. By applying the proper amount of pressure and extremely hot water we can quickly resolve these issues with little to no use of chemicals.  The safety of the environment is always of upmost concern and when needed we use only environmentally friendly antibacterial cleaners.

Once your house is clean we always recommend the application of our invisible thermoreactive sealer. By permanently bonding to virtually any substrate this phenomenal product prevents further absorption of water and other contaminants.   Learn more about our "best in class" ThermoReactive Sealer!!

Driveways, Sidewalks, patios, decks & more!


Sidewalk & Driveway Cleaning

 With constant exposure to outside elements your home’s driveway and sidewalks inevitably get a build-up of debris, stains, mold, mildew, grease and gum. Upstate Powerwash has extensive experience pressure washing and steam cleaning all areas from small front entryways and patios to large driveways and parking lots.  Our Pressure Washing Machine will apply the optimal amount of pressure and utilize the 

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Decks Cleaning & Restoration

Our deck cleaning and restoration services help preserve and protect all types of surfaces from numerous South Carolina area elements. Decks in Greenville & Spartanburg in particular face long exposure to sun and a humid environment more prone to all sorts of mold, mildew, and algae.  All types of deck stains can attract the growth of black mold and mildew and in particular the commonly used oil based stains can feed the growth of mold and mildew.  This growth jeopardizes the overall appearance as well as degrades the surface and can damage the quality of the air your family breathes.  UpState's low pressure washing services and can help protect your deck and potentially preserve the life of the surface.  We also offer an oustanding thermoreactive sealer that will make your deck stronger, more moisture repellent, more resistant to stains, and resistant to dusting.


Additional Services

At UpState we are proud to offer comprehensive Professional Pressure Washing and Power Washing Services to the Greenville & Spartanburg area.  We can evaluate all types of exterior surfaces and select the right pressure, water, nozzles and cleaners to do the job right. Some of our other residential services include but are not limited to:

Rain Gutters

Retaining Walls

Window Cleaning

Swimming Pools

Brick Cleaning

Concrete Walkways & Steps

All types of Fences (metal, wood, aluminum, etc)

Grafitti Removal

Post Construction Clean Up

Automobile Cleaning

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