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UpState Power Wash

Professional Pressure Cleaning and Hot Water cleaning in the upstate region

About Us

Your Clean Home or Business is our Business!


At Upstate we understand the importance of protecting your most valuable assets and hold ourselves to the highest standard. We utilize only the best heavy duty industrial grade pressure washer, proven in 1000’s of tough cleaning jobs, from mobile washing airports, oil rigs, shopping malls and even zoos.  We also are fully trained, certified and insured as well as fully compliant with all EPA and Clean Water Act requirements.  We offer solutions to not only restore your property but also permanently seal the external surfaces protecting them from further deterioration.  We can also help you plan a maintenance schedule that will ultimately save you thousands over the cost of frequently replacing costly things like roofs, fences, decks, concrete, etc.

We studied under the very best pressure washing company and strive to embody the philosophy instilled in us by them.  

Philosophy: “Never go to work to make a living instead go to work to make a difference for your customers - and when you have made the difference you will make a great living”

The UpState Difference

Best In Class Pressure Washing Machine

The first pillar of the UpState Difference is our state of the art heavy duty industrial grade hot/cold power washer.  This machine is used by commercial pressure washing companies all over the country and has been proven effective in 1000's of cleaning jobs of all different types.  Our Machine has a phenomenal motor and is engineered for pressure washing capability ranging from highly effective softwashing to an output ability up to 7 gallons per minute at 4,000 pounds per square inch. This coupled with tremendous control of flow and temperature is what makes this machine so effective at finding the best possible technique to effectively, efficiently and most importantly safely clean your property.  

Below are some of the other ingredients of the UpState Difference!

A Cleaner Clean!


Hotter Water

 The Hotter the Water the better.   Hot water, by definition, has faster moving molecules than cold water  faster moving molecules do a better job of cleaningthan slower moving molecules (in "displacing" the dirt and transporting it away using water

Dwell Time

 The Longer you let Soap Dwell on a surface the better it will clean. Contact time (or dwell time) is the amount of time that a surface must remain wet to allow the chemical to be in contact with the dirt, grime and bacteria in order to kill it germs and remove the infestation. 

Quality/Quantity of Detergent

 We use the highest quality detergents and degreasers in a unique formulation that works optimally with the Pressure Washing Equipment. 


 Pressure washing works through a process of agitation, the power of the water pushing and blasting through grit and grime.  Our State of the art equipment is capable of delivering the appropriate PSI (pounds per square inch) and GMI (gallons per minute) appropriate for each job. 

Quality of Rinse Water

 To clean effectively a pressure washer must create a water flow that creates a "stripping" action, thereby scrubbing the dirt and allowing it to flow away.  Using the highest quality, environmentally friendly "purified" rinse water is of paramount importance in ridding surfaces of dirt and restoring shine. 

Seal the Deal: Thermo reactive Sealer

 The Best Possible Product to protect your Property Investment!  We strongly recommend the use of this product and are consistently awed by it's capabilites! 

  • Recommended for sealing residential and commercial structures such as driveways, parking decks, sidewalks, basements and garage floors
  • Permanently bonds to surfaces like concrete and masonry products such as pavers, block, clay, brick, artifical brick, natural and artificial stone and stucco
  • Compatible with most glues and topical coatings
  • Aids in curing new concrete.  Also works as a good “paint tooth” allowing surfaces to be painted after applied.